Can we ever be prepared for when crisis strikes?

As part of Social Simulator, I help prepare and deliver crisis training exercises. Adhering closely to the client’s brief, we work through the possible crisis scenarios, using our imagination and experience to make the training as real as possible.

Can we ever really be prepared for when crisis strikes? I never thought that I would find myself at the epicentre of a real crisis, but in June 2017, while out enjoying a dinner with friends (and nearly nine months pregnant), I found myself fleeing London’s Borough Market after the terrorist attack.

We all know that emergencies happen when we least expect them, but a well-prepared resilience team with a detailed action plan is key to a successful emergency response.

Having returned to work in our new, larger office, after my maternity leave, it was a pleasure to discover that we had been shortlisted for the Product/Service Provider of the Year award by DRI International, a non-profit organisation that helps companies prepare for and recover from disasters. The DRI International Awards of Excellence recognise individuals and organisations who have excelled in crisis management.

The timing is great because I am also excited to see Social Simulator opening its office in New York. I’ve noticed more work from US clients for resilience training in digital crisis and emergency preparation. We already work with four of the top ten PR agencies in the US, as well as major oil companies, banks and airports across the country.

I am really looking forward to what else 2018 has to bring.

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