Mobile crisis plan apps

Mobilize60: your crisis plan, on your team's phones

Too many crisis plans live in binders, so when a real incident occurs, teams don’t have access to them – and if they do, the information in them is too much to take in, or out of date.

In the early stages of an incident, team generally need:

  • Up to date contacts for colleagues, suppliers and stakeholders
  • Concise guidance on process to follow
  • Checklists to work through in their role on the crisis team

Our unique mobile web app, Mobilize60 puts your crisis plan on your team’s phones, so they get a head start on the situation wherever they happen to be.

Mobilizing the team the modern way

As a situation is identified, the incident manager notifies the team to get them mobilized. The team gets an alert on their devices, via SMS and email, prompting them to access the Mobilize60 mobile web app. There’s no usernames and passwords to reset under pressure – just a time-limited secure link and a simple PIN code set the first time they access the app.

Contacts, checklists and essential briefing

Mobilize60 doesn’t try and do everything: it connects with the tools you’re already using to collaborate, including WhatsApp, Skype or conference call.

  • Contacts are totally flexible: tap to call cell phones or jump straight into a WhatsApp group – knowing the contacts are up to date
  • Checklists by role help guide the team to focus on their specific priorities and work through tasks
  • Briefing content can fit your specific needs: links to documents, holding lines, process flowcharts or more

Managing the 'golden hour' of an incident

Incident managers can share key information with the team by SMS, email or via secure messages within the app. They can track what’s been done so far via the Activity Log, a real-time stream of tasks completed, messages sent and updates made to the crisis plan.

Mobilize60 even works offline: once a user has downloaded the crisis plan, it’s cached on their device. If they don’t have internet coverage, they can still browse the content.

  • Built to share the information the team needs to get through the first 60 minutes of an incident
  • Simple technology: no apps to install and manage – browser-based across all devices with the capacity to work offline when out of internet signal range
  • Secured using a PIN code with data sent over an encrypted connection, to avoid prying eyes
  • Flexible functionality and content formats, with a user-friendly content management system for updates whenever you need to make them
  • Deployed to the crisis team’s devices via an initial training and setup workshop, with resilient hosting and ongoing support from our helpdesk

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