Crisis90: social media crisis training

Participants on a crisis training session
For larger teams (20-50 participants), groups from multiple organisations, or colleagues with perhaps less experience in social media, we offer facilitated training sessions in crisis handling using our Crisis90 training platform. It helps a group work through a scenario and compare their responses in as little as 90 minutes.

Each session is tailored to the specific needs of the group and can help participants to:

  • distinguish between different types of crisis in social media, from
    professional mishaps to full-blown emergencies
  • develop handling strategies that integrate social and digital channels
  • understand what’s the same and what’s different about crisis handling in a social
    media world
  • practise working with the tone and constraints of different social media channels
    when dealing with hostility
  • learn about harnessing support from online communities during a crisis

We take teams step-by-step through a crisis scenario: from the handling strategy to writing content across multiple channels. At each stage, participants review and compare their responses on-screen with other teams, getting instant feedback and reaction.

We can also introduce a session or slot it into a full day workshop on crisis handling in a social media world: