Digital customer service: A new frontline in crisis management?

29 January 2015 by Chris Malpass

‘The customer is king’ – one of the few maxims that remains unchanging within developed free markets, but social media is fundamentally altering the way in which customers expect to communicate with organisations. Whereas outward facing channels were traditionally the preserve of the comms team, channels such as Twitter are…

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Online and airside: who’s in control?

21 January 2015 by Tim Lloyd

A friend of mine – a pilot – was telling me how a recent mishap had delayed his passage through an airport, to arrive airside and board his plane. “There’s a couple of important procedures that allow me to get airside, but apart from these, on either side anyone, anywhere…

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Keeping the hounds at bay using ‘fast facts’

13 November 2014 by Chris Malpass

The question of what and what not to say is a recurring dilemma for organisations that find themselves in the glare of the media spotlight during a crisis. Inevitably, when a crisis strikes, an information gap – i.e. the deficit between the amount of information demanded by the media and…

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horse in stable

Shutting the stable door: handling data security breaches in social media

23 September 2014 by Steph Gray

Imagine waking up to an exposé of your firm’s supply chain: you’ve been indirectly responsible for supporting child labour on an industrial scale. NGOs are mobilising a campaign. A leading celebrity has already tweeted her disgust. Or the email that pings your BlackBerry on a Sunday morning confirming that environmental regulators…

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Winter is Coming

Winter is coming

10 September 2014 by Tim Lloyd

Winter presents a challenge to a wide range of industries, from energy, to travel and tourism, retail and healthcare. There’s likely to be more sickness about, the weather delays flights and trains, consumers’ expectations are high in the run-up to Christmas, and there is greater demand for gas and electricity.…

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Twitter users gather promptly for online protest

23 July 2014 by Al Smith

Residents of the Loughborough Park estate in Brixton took to Twitter today for a two-hour protest against housing provider Guinness Trust‘s plan to evict some tenants as part of regeneration plans. What’s unusual about this particular protest is that it was advertised in advance. Many organisation’s are not afforded the opportunity to…

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Predicting the spread of disease from tweets

1 December 2013 by Steph Gray

James Baker from the Food Standards Agency, the UK agency which regulates food safety issues, blogs about a fascinating project his team has been undertaking, mapping the spread of reports of sickness on Twitter and comparing them to lab reports of illness: Beyond answering questions and concerns, providing updates quickly…

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