Agency partnerships

Faciliated training session

As well as working directly with clients, we also provide a ‘white-label’ service for partner organisations such as media, PR and crisis management agencies.

We integrate our platforms with your client services, allowing you to offer our simulation platform (and role-play if needed) or facilitated training alongside your team’s client knowledge and expertise with media training, business continuity planning or corporate PR.

Costing and marketing

We can provide you with a range of tools and services, such as:

  • own-brand exercise platforms, with your own branding, logos and product name
  • material for your marketing materials describing the simulation or training platforms to prospective clients
  • screenshots and demo platforms for you to walk through with clients, with our support if needed
  • custom functionality e.g. additional templates, tailored modules and features if required
  • support from our team with scenario development, roleplay and analysis, on a scalable basis to help you deliver a quality exercise balanced against maximising your own fee revenue
  • rapid-turnaround costings on request, for input to proposals
“Thanks so much for your work this morning! It was great to have you there and the online platform certainly added a lot of realism and additional pressure for the teams.”
— Agency partner

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