Fast-paced interactive workshops

Crisis90 turns traditional desktop crisis exercises into fast-paced, interactive workshops that you can deliver at scale.

Crisis90 simulations are used by everyone, from customer service teams to C-suite, frontline communicators to teams of engineers. And sometimes all of these in one exercise.

Phased scenarios allow you to pause, discuss and compare ideas between different teams working on the same response.

Every week some of the world’s largest businesses use Crisis90 to test and validate their teams, remotely and in-person.

Bespoke, life-like scenarios

Scenarios are bespoke to the needs of your business, or you can choose from a range of prepared incidents and issues. 

We bring exercises to life by incorporating life-like social video, broadcast news updates, eyewitness footage and live social media response.

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You are in control

Crisis90 exercises keep you in control. You decide how quickly teams move through each phase, and review each team’s response.

You can specify different scenarios for multiple markets or sectors, or invite teams to choose from a library of prepared exercises.

Exercises can be delivered in multiple languages and tailored to meet specific needs and objectives.

Design and deliver your own exercises, or draw on our experience to create and facilitate these for you.

Task-based learning

Every phase of a Crisis90 exercise invites teams to consider a response and complete a task.

This task might be to produce a draft response plan, a piece of stakeholder communication, or to complete a specific section of your crisis playbook.

Energy companies, consumer brands, government departments and many others

Emergency response teams at Shell, management teams at L’Oréal and communicators in the UK Government all use Crisis90 to maintain their confidence and skills.

Each organisation benefits from a scalable, cost-effective training program that can be deployed anywhere in the world, often at short notice.

Supporting you from start to finish

We support you from conception to completion of your practical team crisis training workshop.

Once the tasks are complete, we run a hot debrief to discover what the group have learned

Post workshop, we can provide a follow-up evaluation report, highlighting successes and areas to focus on.

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