About Social Simulator

People expect more online these days.

Journalists, politicians and critical stakeholders have access to the same research, networking and publishing opportunities as you. They expect you to respond to them on the channels they choose, and can easily discover what’s going on in your organisation without calling the press office.

Customers turn to Google, or trusted online networks and communities to find information, services, and recommendations. A solid website and regularly tweeted press releases aren’t enough for them – especially in the heat of a crisis when they expect advice, empathy and help – immediately.

We work at the cutting edge of digital crisis preparedness and resilience; delivering high quality training tailored to a range of experience levels, and can challenge even the strongest teams. We are constantly evolving to ensure our training platforms accurately reflect current social media channels and our training reflects the latest industry trends and examples. Our platforms bring virtually any scenario to life, from the scrutiny and pressure of a live crisis, to the unique demands associated with delivering high quality customer service.

Our Simulator is a hands-on, private digital environment that enables realistic and interactive simulations to help brands protect their reputations online and enhance their digital crisis resilience.

We bring the challenge of crisis or customer service to life for larger groups with Crisis90, our facilitated workshop platform which sees teams work through scenarios competitively, comparing and contrasting their strategies and tactics to build awareness and teamworking.

About us

We’ve formed our careers around increasing digital and communications capability: from enabling teams to manage their own websites, to helping some of the world’s biggest companies respond to crises in social and traditional media.

Since 2010 we have provided training for hundreds of organisations, either directly or through strategic partnerships with other training providers and PR agencies.

We offer a suite of tailored products and methods, from diagnostic workshops to immersive simulations – each tailored carefully to the needs of your team.

What differentiates us?

Time and again we serve as trusted partners of Fortune 500 and FTSE 100 companies and government agencies as they look to train and test their crisis response teams.

  • We combine ‘everyday’ and crisis digital capability expertise. This not only enables us to set the bar in digital capability training and strategy development, but means we can also offer cutting edge crisis capability workshops and exercises; helping to ensure that your people have the confidence to handle any situation that may arise online – in good times or bad.
  • We have extensive cross sector experience, helping some of the world’s biggest organisations to train and test their people and processes
  • We consistently deliver value for our clients by combining big agency experience with a highly competitive cost structure.
  • We are flexible and responsive to the requirements of each client, creating bespoke training session tailored to your unique needs.
  • Our network of sector specialists equips us with deep sector knowledge; enabling us to develop authentic ’stress test’ exercises that help identify gaps in existing process and capabilities; and achieve pre-defined client training objectives.
  • We deliver reliability and peace of mind; not only in terms of the integrity of our training platforms, but also in the levels of service we provide for our clients.

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