Client stories

We work with clients and agencies around the globe to deliver training, crisis exercises and bespoke support packages for social media communications.

Our clients benefit from our wide-range of sector-specific expertise and our secure, private service. For more information on the clients and sectors we have worked for, please contact us.


Agriculture sector, Minneapolis


An immersive half-day crisis communications exercise to stress-test a global agriculture firm’s corporate communications function.

We supported a local partner agency on-site in designing and deploying a highly-credible scenario and worked alongside their crisis and issues team to role-play stakeholders and media as part of the exercise.


Government sector, Fiji


Our ongoing work with a government organisation has seen our platform support their crisis resilience and emergency planning training around the world, including a recent exercise in Fiji.

The Simulator gives a joint UK and local role-play team the means to stay connected and deploy injects across phone, media, Twitter- and Facebook-style messages – and easily re-use the platform for subsequent exercises in other locations.

Oil & gas sector, Antwerp


We’ve worked directly with a global leader in the oil & gas industry over several months to help their team develop its social media handling strategies and tactics:

  • a breakfast session with the communications team to highlight good practice and put it to the test in a simple three phase scenario using our Crisis90 desktop platform
  • a half-day operational exercise, slotting in alongside another agency to add a social media dimension to an exercise
  • a large-scale 72-hour operational response exercise, providing over 24 hours of roleplay to stress-test the team and practice handovers and a variety of escalating issues
  • a further interactive conference-style session on crisis communication in a social media context


Emergency responder, Manchester


We supported a major UK Fire and Rescue Service to deploy the Simulator and run two exercises with the team, challenging them to respond and co-ordinate in the face of multiple serious incidents designed to stretch their communications resource.


Transportation sector, Melbourne


We worked with a specialist local partner to deploy the Simulator to support a crisis simulation, including role-play from the UK. The scenario involved multiple news and Twitter events over a four hour period, with multiple participating stakeholders handling injects via mock media reports, stakeholder email, and social media updates.

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