What you can learn from the Oxfam and Haiti crisis

In 2018, news broke out that some Oxfam employees were on the receiving end of allegations of sexual misconduct and other unacceptable behaviour, whilst representing the organisation as part of its response to the 2011 Haiti earthquake. The earthquake killed thousands, whilst displacing the majority of its survivors. Oxfam were…

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Crisis Exercise FAQs

What is a crisis simulation exercise? A crisis simulation exercise is training designed to help communications or executive teams practice how they would handle a real-life crisis situation in a safe, secure environment. Practising your emergency communications response ensures team members are ready for a real crisis and are better…

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Helpful Digital Guide to LinkedIn

Engagement rates on LinkedIn have grown rapidly in recent years. Usage is at an all time high. We’ve put together a guide to get the best out of LinkedIn as an individual, as an organisation, and how to have the two work together in the most effective possible way. LinkedIn…

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Person speaking into microphone, people in front and behind listening

Top takeaways from Comms Camp North 2022

Comms Camp is an unusual conference. For starters, there’s no agenda and no speakers. Yet over a hundred comms people (many local government and NHS) vie for tickets, travel sometimes long distances (even across the pond) and spend the day together talking all things communication. Why? It could be because…

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The skills of modern media relations

The popular picture of crisis communication is maybe a high-stakes press conference, or the chief executive being grilled by a well-known broadcast journalist or politician. We imagine brand reputations living or dying by how well leaders can demonstrate empathy on camera; or how adroitly the press conference can be stage-managed.…

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