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Top takeaways from Comms Camp North 2022

4 November 2022 by Tallie Proud

Comms Camp is an unusual conference. For starters, there’s no agenda and no speakers. Yet over a hundred comms people (many local government and NHS) vie for tickets, travel sometimes long distances (even across the pond) and spend the day together talking all things communication. Why? It could be because…

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Social Media Soup: Why it’s best to keep some flavors separate

11 August 2022 by Leah Tedesco

My screen time is ridiculous–I’m not ashamed of it. If I can scroll, I’m there baby, and I’m disciplined with it, I have my routine: 40+ minute YouTube videos when I’m eating or doing other tasks; Instagram when I want to click through Stories and see what acquaintances are up…

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7 steps for an effective public safety communication campaign

3 June 2021 by Julie Jourcin

While I was staying at my parents’ in Northern France a letter in the mailbox caught my eye one morning. For the first time in 3 years, they were receiving an awareness guide in case of an industrial emergency in the area. My parents live near an industrial zone where…

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Best Crisis Responses of 2020

5 January 2021 by Claire Turner

There have been no shortage of crises in 2020, but who has responded well? We’ve been analysing a wide variety of organisation and individual crisis responses and picked out some highlights . Here is a shortlist of some of the ones we particularly rate and why. But first: What makes…

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4 lessons from exercising COVID incidents and local lockdowns

16 October 2020 by Steph Gray

We’ve just wrapped up a virtual simulation with a client’s senior management team, working through their process to handle a serious COVID incident affecting their operations and impacting a local community. Here's some lessons to think about for your COVID crisis preparedness.

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Tips to help small social media teams respond in a crisis

31 May 2020 by Kate Rawlins

Crisis communications is a hot topic at the moment as COVID19 responses remain the focus of almost every organisation worldwide. Although this isn’t another blog from a crisis consultant advising or critiquing Coronavirus responses, instead it’s a thread of observations from the past few courses I’ve taught to communications officers…

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