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Preparing for a crisis response

National Preparedness Month takes place every September in the US. It’s an opportunity for emergency responders and government organisations to encourage their audiences to be prepared for any kind of emergency. There’s always plenty of useful tips shared. But if you are responsible for communicating such advice, how do you…

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Understanding 10 types of false information

“Don’t believe everything you see online” is a mantra that many finger-wagging parents have repeated and to which many children – young and old – have rolled their eyes. Unfortunately, we know this is a message everyone should heed. Misinformation is everywhere online – but not all misinformation is deliberate,…

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New kinds of crises

The earth is warming at an increasingly rapid rate. While world powers and government entities work to combat climate change, the global population has experienced increased severity of hurricanes and frequency of natural disasters. These disasters leave communities devastated and reeling – unable to rebuild and then properly prepare for…

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The women that created the internet as we know it

  Women have shaped every aspect of the world we live in, a lot of which were not highlighted in our history books. Here are some women that played integral roles in the development and creation of the digital landscape we now operate within. Many of these women were the…

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Why crisis cells with structure are more successful

Being a fly on the wall in the ‘war rooms’ watching teams practice responding to an unfolding crisis is fascinating. It enables me to hear strategizing, discussions, and see the workings behind the decision-making process. Over the past two years I’ve been fortunate enough to work with some of the…

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5 tips for attention-grabbing crisis management exercises

We spend a lot of time designing, researching and creating scenarios for crisis and emergency response exercises. We have a wide range of tried-and-tested scenarios to use as a starting point, but our clients are always best placed to outline something that meets their needs. However, this requires organisations to…

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