Social customer service training

Customer service teams are on the front line of your reputation management. Unhappy or confused customers, media enquiries and campaign groups all appear on social media.

Customer service teams need the skills and tools to respond online, quickly and effectively. They also need to understand where customer service ends and crisis response begins, and how this influences the way channels are managed.

We work with teams to build their online customer service skills around preparedness, monitoring and response.

Practical social media workshops

We facilitate energetic hands-on workshops, using our Crisis90 training platform. Groups of colleagues work through an online scenario and submit their responses in as little as 90 minutes.

Teams see a series of online injects – internal emails, blog posts, comments from customers on the organisation’s social media channels – and publish responses to a variety of tasks such as:

  • what’s our criteria for responding?
  • how do we prioritise who we respond to?
  • how can we help customer using the information we have?
  • when do we need to alert other colleagues to an escalating situation?

Crisis90 brings this all to life and gets a room buzzing. Teams compare and contrast their strategies and tactics, and engage with a social media feed in real time.

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Response plans and governance

We’ll challenge you to meet the needs of your customers online and help them wherever possible.

We work with your teams to create new response plans or update existing versions. A customer service team won’t know the answer every time, so it’s important that you have a response plan which is as flexible as it is helpful.

Integrated response

This means working with legal, communications and technical teams to help them understand the pressures on customer service and find a way to share information as quickly as possible.

Our experience means that we are also well placed to advise on the channels you should be using for customer service, and how to share responsibilities for these channels with other teams.

Skills accreditation for staff

We can provide a blend of on- and offline personalised training for staff, to help them understand and practice a variety of different tools and techniques online.

We’ll design a curriculum that meets your organisation’s objectives, and also challenge participants to decide where they feel less confident, and work on those skills.

Mentoring and practice

Our online mentors and task-based exercises fit in around busy shifts, to ensure that your team can build their confidence before or after a workshop session, and put into practice what they learn.

We work with relevant professional bodies or internal learning and development to certify and credit participants for their work.

Social customer service at Essex County Council

The Essex County Council customer service team wanted to build their confidence and skills, to respond to residents on twitter and Facebook.

Tim Lloyd explains how a combination of workshop, crisis simulation and online learning helped the team.

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