Simon Booth-Lucking

Handling the hostile customer

4 September 2013 by Steph Gray

Earlier this week, a disgruntled customer of British Airways paid for a ‘promoted tweet’ to denounce the poor service his father had received at the hands of the airline. It’s a symptom of changing expectations among digitally-savvy consumers, who’ll give a brand just minutes – in this case, just 15-30…

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My bad?

21 May 2013 by Howard Gossington

Watching the online meltdown of Amy’s Baking Company (after owners Amy and Samy proved too much of a kitchen nightmare even for Gordon Ramsey) was a vivid (and, ok, entertaining) reminder that saying sorry is rarely easy for us humans. And while Amy and Samy’s apparently enraged, hysterical rebuttals only…

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Could your brand call on a million volunteers in a crisis?

7 May 2012 by Justin Kerr-Stevens

  When it comes to using ‘new’ media to assist in a disaster, the Red Cross is normally ahead of the curve. In 1881 the Telegraph was used to relay disaster response communications. Fifty years later, amateur radio users helped relay disaster messages on behalf of the Red Cross across…

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Using Twitter in a Crisis – Media Settings and Best Practices

23 April 2012 by Justin Kerr-Stevens

If you have people ‘on the scene’ at a crises event and they are uploading photos or video that some viewers may find disturbing do you have an obligation to mark the content as sensitive? If you don’t, are you planting the seeds of another issue you will have to…

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Picking fights with someone who buys ink by the barrel

16 April 2012 by Justin Kerr-Stevens

Stuart Bruce has a really great post on dealing with investigative journalists (known or ‘undercover’) over on his blog ‘A PR Guy’s Musings’. In late March The Sunday Times ran a sting operation which uncovered a cash for access scheme (paywall) involving the Prime Minister and Chancellor of the Exchequer…

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Digital Policing in a Post Riot World

11 April 2012 by Justin Kerr-Stevens

Great clip of  Gordon Scobbie (Deputy Chief Constable, Tayside, Scotland) at the Social Media, Internet and the Law conference (SMILE) on Digital Policing in a Post Riot World Video streaming by Ustream

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