Helping emergency responders counter fake news

Exercise Strong Tower was the largest counter-terrorism exercise ever conducted. Running over two days, it simulated a series of high-impact terrorist attacks across London. Working with the Home Office, the Metropolitan Police Service and a host of other emergency agencies, we helped teams rehearse and test their operational and communications response to the attacks.

As well as the operational angles, emergency responders need to confidently respond to challenges posed by social media. These include how to effectively:

  • reassure and give advice to the public
  • provide situational awareness
  • counter misinformation
  • gather intelligence

Using our trusted, safe and secure Social Simulator platform we:

  • challenged 1,000+ emergency responders with a focus on mis and disinformation
  • provided detailed feedback on their approach in terms of strategy, process, tone and messaging
  • gave actionable and relevant recommendations on how to improve their preparedness for a real event

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