How can social media training meet the needs of 30,000 staff?

We design a social media learning and development program for Lenovo’s 30,000 employees, in multiple languages. The program has two levels: foundation – for those with less experience or confidence; and practitioner – for those who want to become social media advocates and explore new channels. Online safety and security are a particular priority. The foundation training helps people understand their profile settings and the influence of algorithms on what they see.

A screen grab of an online toolkit with the title "Putting social media to work. Level 2 Practitioner"

Interactive and engaging social media training

We use a combination of audio-over-presentation, video, and animation to set people up for success. Knowledge checks and hands-on tasks help users put what they learn into practice immediately. The e-learning is interactive and engaging, but also ensures the completion of the course and a thorough understanding of the topic. We make certain the program has a built-in capacity for updates as social media platforms evolve. 

To help keep participants engaged we include: 

  • A variety of engaging content formats, including animation and video 
  • Calls to action for participants including homework to consolidate learning
  • A bright, fun design inspired by corporate branding 


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