How can the communication and decision-making skills of graduate students be put to the test?

We design and deliver a two-day crisis exercise for more than 120 MBA students as part of William and Mary’s Raymond Mason School of Business annual Sprint Week event. Students work in teams of four to five to complete a variety of tasks across the two days of the exercise.

We develop a scenario involving a food poisoning outbreak impacting a fictional food retail chain – Happy Planet Bistro. Students enact a real-time crisis response on behalf of the organisation as we escalate the scenario using our simulation environment, which provides students with lifelike recreations of internal (email) and external traditional and social media channels.

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Build confidence in MBA students

This training program is anticipated yearly by students and faculty and expands from full-time MBA students to include both the part-time MBA and executive MBA programs.

Client testimonial: “The Social Simulator team was fantastic. Flexible, responsive and a great partner in putting together a terrific experience. The technology worked without a hitch. And students commented about how impressed they were with the real-time response to their posts. Everything went well.”

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