How can we map social media for one of the world’s largest businesses?

A major energy company commissioned us to help them audit their global social media activity. 

We researched, listed and analyzed all their channels, across:

  • FaceBook
  • Instagram
  • LinkedIn
  • X
  • WeChat
  • YouTube

We researched 123 different channels (plus dormant and imposter channels) with a total of 7.8million followers.

Distinctions were made between global and regional accounts. Detailed analysis on high and low-performing accounts was provided, along with recommendations on actions to be taken, including closing some accounts.

Our channel mapping provides insights such as:

  • Distinct detailed and comparative analysis by channel, region and nature of account
  • Identifying correlation (or not) between channel content and audience numbers 
  • Providing recommendations on branding
  • Best practice for growing audiences and developing successful channels

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