What does it take to integrate 32 organizations into one simulation?

We prepared and delivered a day-long crisis exercise for Pierce County, USA. The simulation involved Public Information Officers (PIOs) from 32 organizations across 4 counties in Washington State.  

For this emergency preparedness simulation, we designed a realistic dry run of a terrorist incident for each of the 4 counties. Each county was subject to a fictional high-impact terrorist attack in quick succession, escalating in severity each time.

Participants needed to coordinate and communicate internally to ensure consistent, appropriate messaging based on a common operating picture.

Participating agencies needed to coordinate with other government and private organizations on the dissemination of information, family response and other public affairs matters.

Participants included:

  • Washington State Control
  • Pierce County Sheriff’s Department
  • King County Office of Emergency Management
  • Tacoma Fire Department
  • Northwest Healthcare Response Network

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