How can you integrate crisis training for communications and senior management teams?

One of the world’s largest health and beauty brands wanted to ensure that their senior management teams can respond effectively to an escalating crisis. 

We already train this company’s communications teams on an ongoing basis, but this time they wanted us to give senior managers first hand experience of a crisis. We designed and delivered six virtual training sessions via Teams and the Social Simulator, giving participants flexibility to join from a location that suited them. 

This training rollout was more bespoke:

  • The course provided detailed media training as well as live crisis response training.
  • Teams had the same opportunity to rehearse their crisis response with a realistic scenario tailored to their country or territory.
  • Senior managers could build capability to effectively engage with the comms teams moving forwards.

Feedback is positive and highlights our hands-on approach to training:

“Thanks for the whole training which was very insightful, practical and fun!”

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