Is your C-suite practised in responding to a major cyber threat?

A prominent US energy company needed support in training their Senior Leadership Teams to respond efficiently to an unfolding cyber attack. 

With cyber attacks on the rise and hacktivists becoming increasingly clever, companies need to ensure that their response strategies are up-to-date and reflective of the potential dangers and issues that can arise.

The scenario began with a notification of malware detected in a larger energy company’s IT systems, with a call to action to check their systems for the same malware. Once detected, the company needed to make high-impact decisions on their course of action. Should they:

a)  shut down the power supply immediately, negatively impacting numerous states      or

b)  wait and see if the hackers cause further damage?

We provided time for the participants to:

  • Make early Executive strategic decisions based on very little information. 
  • Address trade-offs whilst making high impact business decisions with no clear right answer.
  • Have in-depth discussions leading to insight around effective responses to cyber threats.
  • Compose instructions for the Comms Team to best communicate with staff and the general public.

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