What’s an effective and engaging way to grow digital communication skills?

Since 2010, we’ve designed and led one of the most successful training courses for UK Government communicators, helping them to build digital and social media skills.

We’ve helped more than 5,000+ members of the Government Communications Service to develop their digital skills.

We’ve delivered courses all around the UK covering social media for PR, digital marketing, agile digital project management, digital engagement for policymaking and crisis communications. Our team brings broad-based experience and credibility earned from years working in and around the public sector. We receive positive feedback – and we continue to iterate our course content from delivery to delivery.

We bring the theory to life, with exercises challenging participants to create a variety of social media posts and responses across all platforms, and planning strategies for social media.

These ongoing training sessions are unique because:

  • We incorporate practical exercises and simulations into our sessions
  • We adapt the training to the individual, helping participants develop practical skills appropriate to their role and experience
  • We provide ongoing support to ensure participants embed their learnings

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