Facilitator guide: Crisis90

Activating phases

How to activate and deactivate phases as an exercise progresses.

  • Phases are always shown in the menu, but deactivated phases cannot be clicked on (as shown by the mouse icon).
  • You can control the phases using the Admin menu in the top right of the screen.
  • Click on the name of the phase you wish to activate / deactivate. Phases highlighted green are currently enabled; red means they are currently disabled.
  • Also available is a dedicated, touch friendly, control panel. This is accessed at the url https://xxx/status-board
  • Each phase appears in a seperate box; click on the buttons within each box to activate / deactivate that phase.

Viewing participant team submissions

How to see which teams have submitted their responses and display them for review.

  • Use the Admin menu in the top right of the screen to access the Submissions page.
  • Each phase that contains a the ability for a user to submit content appears as a tab. Clicking on a tab will display the current submissions.
  • If there are multiple tasks within a phase they will be shown separately.
  • Each submission is displayed in the Team’s colours. Click on a submission to display the content.
  • Interactive Twitter content is displayed as a timeline that only shows replies from the Teams.
  • As new submissions are received, they are automatically added to the screen.

Running an interactive Twitter-style phase

Drafting, publishing and managing tweets in an Interactive Twitter phase.

  • While a facilitator can write a Tweet using the main compose box, this will publish the tweet as the logged in user which is not normally desirable.
  • Instead, click on the Control button to access the facilitators interface.
  • Choose the Author you want to create the tweet as. Authors are split into groups based on their assigned type.
  • Compose the tweet, and choose whether to publish it immediately, or save it as a draft for later.
  • A large number of drafts can be stored for quick publishing during the phase.
  • If a tweet is accidentally published / incorrect, it can be deleted.

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