Crisis simulation exercises with Social Simulator


Stress test your brand in a crisis

Use the Simulator as part of crisis exercises or emergency drills to see how teams cope with the pressure. Use the resulting data and analysis to improve processes and develop skills.


Practice behind closed doors

Run a full-blown crisis communications exercise on a private server, behind industrial-strength security. Built-in private messaging keeps the exercise off your corporate networks or third party services.


Rehearse your rapid response

Push teams to adapt messages for multiple channels in realtime. Combine traditional channels with X, Facebook, Instagram and your own website. Handle hostile campaigns, memes and hashtags.


Craft stakeholder messaging

Test your internal and stakeholder crisis communications. Clear your lines of communication between press, PR and digital teams, to ensure statements with the right tone and style can be delivered quickly.


Take your emergency processes to the next level

See how your existing processes fare in a full-blown crisis simulation.
Understand where the gaps and opportunities might be, in real-time. Deploy rapid improvements to response times and priorities.


Bring media training to life

Ensure teams across multiple locations access breaking news reports simultaneously, with the realistic look and feel of global media organisations. Handle fast changing news reports which adapt in realtime to reflect the social media discussion around the crisis.

The Social Simulatorâ„¢ creates an environment that looks, feels and responds like a real world event.

Our crisis simulations are designed with you to ensure a realistic and convincing scenario.

Your team will face incoming social media, phone calls, emails and media articles and need to assign roles and develop an appropriate response.

From an adjoining room or off-site, our team will run the exercise platform, adapting the script intelligently real-time to put the team under the right amount of pressure.

Our platform has been deployed to train communications, operations and customer service staff in a variety of sectors with scenarios including:

  • Cyberattack leading to customer data breach and corporate email loss
  • Terrorist attacks on a major transport hub
  • A leaked report spreads anger about a government policy
  • Reports of malfunctioning prescription medication
  • Virulent tropical illness forces relocation of company staff to alternative premises
  • Aircraft crash causing major business continuity issues

Total support for your exercise

We work with you to understand your objectives and the challenges faced by your team.

We can either design a complete scenario for you, or build a customised, branded platform that fits your existing plans.

Your team will each have their own inbox within the platform, allowing you to monitor key decisions and escalation points while keeping correspondence secure and away from real-life inboxes.

We will write media articles on duplicates of major news sites and social media characters on platforms such as X, Facebook and Instagram. These will include the key characters in your scenario as well as customers, investors, eyewitnesses and regulators.

The Simulator is a close, but not 100% replica of a number of commonly used templates of Twitter, Facebook and online media sources. In the experience of the dozen or so exercises we have now run for large corporates and government organisations, the teams find the interfaces sufficiently lifelike to be a realistic stimulus.

We will also provide technical support remotely to the teams, monitoring the server and supporting users with any issues they encounter.

At the end of the exercise we will provide screenshots, exports of emails and our analysis of your team’s performance.

Exercise over. Now what?

Social Simulator brings details and colour to an exercise debrief:

  • Analysis of volume, tone, response times and messaging within the platform
  • Screenshots of social media and media activity
  • Replays of media broadcasts
  • Benchmarking teams’ performance

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