How can social media centres of excellence stay connected?

We create and deliver interactive training webinars to educate ExxonMobil employees globally on online best practices and social media skills. These webinars build participant’s confidence in navigating the online world and representing ExxonMobil.

Each webinar is prepared and facilitated by the Social Simulator team and is consistent with ExxonMobil goals and guidelines. Our webinars address various facets of necessary training and education for ExxonMobil, whether for a focused group of known executives, a more general team of affiliates, or anything in between. Each presentation takes a deep dive into different topics such as:

  • Social media monitoring
  • Writing for digital channels
  • Planning and scheduling content
  • Evaluating impact

We maintain a continuous relationship with ExxonMobil to help develop the skills of more than 100 communicators. 

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