How does JetBlue test their emergency response plan?

We support JetBlue to deliver their biennial full-scale exercise to test their emergency response plan. 

Using our Social Simulator platform, we challenge communicators from JetBlue and related emergency response agencies through real-time Twitter/X, Facebook and Instagram feeds including inquiries from relatives, eye witness imagery and stories, and live, on-scene reporting by journalists and media outlets.

We raise the bar further by utilizing a team of telephone role-players to put the airline’s media handlers through their paces.

Real-time social media feeds with pace and complexity

Client testimonial: “We engaged The Social Simulator to support us with the delivery of our company wide full scale emergency response exercise. The team worked with us to build an interactive social media and media environment that our exercise participants could observe and interact with in real-time during the exercise.

All the media feeds were extremely realistic and they helped to add the pace and complexity that we would expect from the modern news environment.

The training that Social Simulator provided – with a real-time and adaptive pseudo media element – helped to take our exercise to the next level and ensure that it remains in step with the wider technological and social developments impacting the field. The Social Simulator team were a pleasure to work with and really helped to bring our exercise to life.”

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