How does one of the world’s largest banks rehearse a cyber incident?

The Bank of England needs to stress test how firms coordinate a sector-wide response to a high-profile cyber incident, working remotely over email and conference call.

We engage and challenge 40 participating firms by delivering real-time email, social and mainstream media injects through the Social Simulator platform. The scenario is realistic and combines operational information as well as public and stakeholder reaction to the incident, testing both the communications and operational response of participants. 

Coordinating response and communications during a cyberattack

The crisis exercise tests how firms operate across the sector during times of major operational disruption, helping them practise coordinating a response and communicating internally and externally on a major cyber attack. 

We provide the participating firms with replicas of their real-world communications channels, along with a closed messaging environment. Using Social Simulator, participating firms and regulators have the opportunity to rehearse internal and external communication responses to the incident in a safe environment.

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