How does a major sports venue prepare for their biggest event of the year?

We help the England & Wales Cricket Board test and improve their crisis readiness, and prepare the various sporting grounds ahead of hosting Cricket World Cup matches.

We design and facilitate a full-day practical session for participants to familiarize them with crisis management best practices and lay the foundation for a strong response. Participants work through a range of escalating customer service and crisis scenarios with an online and offline dimension, including spectator injuries, food contamination, allegations of abuse and terrorism.

Escalating customer service and crisis scenarios

Our Crisis90 workshop format helps bring each scenario to life through emails, media reports, social media posts and voicemails, with the participants responding both strategically and tactically in line with their crisis protocols. At each stage, the groups share their approaches and discuss good practice.

We then run a half-day Social Simulator session to ramp up pressure in a highly-realistic way and encourage the participants to put into practice what they learned in the workshop. The exercise requires the individuals to coordinate with roleplayed Safety Officers, emergency responders and media to manage public communication around a major incident.

We deliver the project with our partners, Rubicon Resilience. 

A batsman with a bat

One of the best desktop exercises I have attended

Participant testimonials: 

“Outstanding. I’ve been involved in similar exercises with the police force, many of them multi-agency, but never anything as impressively structured and facilitated as yours.”

“I thought it was great, the morning session was really relevant because a lot of us had experienced those case studies in recent seasons, so it was good to hear a range of views. The afternoon desktop exercise was very well run and felt very realistic, the time went so quickly for everyone which just shows how engrossed we all were.”

“I thought the simulator was brilliant and it felt like we were right in the middle of the crisis, not a room in London.”

“Very well managed and one of the best tabletop exercises I have attended – very interactive which kept it interesting and fun.”

“I’m confident that I will be able to rise to the challenge given such a situation in the real world.”

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