Case studies

How can you test strategic decision-making in a crisis?

NDT Global needed a partner to support the preparation and delivery of two half-day crisis simulations. These simulations were needed to test the crisis response skills of two regional crisis teams in Houston, USA and Stutensee, Germany. This exercise involved representatives from the company’s business continuity, communications, operations, regulatory and…

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What does it take to integrate 32 organizations into one simulation?

We prepared and delivered a day-long crisis exercise for Pierce County, USA. The simulation involved Public Information Officers (PIOs) from 32 organizations across 4 counties in Washington State.   For this emergency preparedness simulation, we designed a realistic dry run of a terrorist incident for each of the 4 counties. Each…

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Jet engine

What makes an impactful stress-test for a corporate affairs team?

Rolls-Royce PLC approached us to test the global corporate affairs team, as part of a wider exercise for the global crisis management structure and processes. The scenario was a serious product issue. We brought Rolls Royce’s scenario to life with the Social Simulator platform. There were three key areas for…

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