Case studies

What’s an effective and engaging way to grow digital communication skills?

Since 2010, we’ve designed and led one of the most successful training courses for UK Government communicators, helping them to build digital and social media skills. We’ve helped more than 5,000+ members of the Government Communications Service to develop their digital skills. We’ve delivered courses all around the UK covering…

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Building information security knowledge across global teams

A major government department needed to test verification and data security concerns with senior strategic communications staff around the world.  We helped shape an ongoing series of challenging scenarios for their teams, to practise responding effectively to online crises.  The scenarios cover a number of current digital and information security themes…

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A news story from Cascadia Rising

What is the role of social media in an earthquake?

Businesses and government agencies are adept at responding to emergencies on the ground. But social media creates challenges and opportunities for which communicators need to be prepared. The City of Redmond (Washington, USA) asked us to support them in the delivery of the Cascadia Rising emergency planning exercise. Cascadia Rising…

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What is an effective way to create a Data Awareness Digital Action Plan?

In 2018 The London Borough of Hackney, a local UK Government authority responsible for the welfare of 300,000 residents and business owners, approached us to train their staff around the newly introduced General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). With nearly 4,000 employees who work with multiple subcontractors and volunteers, it is…

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How can you empower teams to run their own crisis preparedness training?

We provide Centrica with the tools they need to deliver in-house crisis preparedness training.  Social Simulator allows Centrica to host multiple exercises to test the response capabilities of communications teams in the UK, US and Norway. These include crisis scenarios, media injects, social media responses and news articles. We helped…

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How can you test strategic decision-making in a crisis?

NDT Global needed a partner to support the preparation and delivery of two half-day crisis simulations. These simulations were needed to test the crisis response skills of two regional crisis teams in Houston, USA and Stutensee, Germany. This exercise involved representatives from the company’s business continuity, communications, operations, regulatory and…

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What does graduate crisis training look like?

Cardiff University needs to test the abilities of their MA International Public Relations and Global Comms Management students. Our annual workshop provides them with theory on how to respond appropriately and effectively on social media in a crisis, and then puts their learning to the test as they respond under…

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